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Care and Maintenance

For complete information on care and maintenance of your Stoeger Airgun, refer to your Owner's Manual.

» Stoeger Airguns Owner's Manual (PDF: 1,7MB)

You should always follow safe shooting practices when using your Stoeger Airguns air rifle.

You should always follow safe shooting practices when using your Stoeger Airguns air rifle.

Mechanical Parts

The barrel should be cleaned before storage, or at least after 500 shots. To clean the barrel, use a cleaning rod (for rifling preservation, avoid brass brushes) or cleaning pellets to be fired as a real pellet. You can apply a drop of gun oil into the breech.

After every 1,000 shots, apply a drop of gun lubricant into the compression chamber. (See illustration, right.)

Blued parts, such as the barrel and compression cylinder, should be protected from rusting. Maintain protection by wiping these parts with a lightly oiled pad.

All visible mechanical parts, breech, trigger and safety may be lightly oiled as need to maintain proper function.

Stock Care

Synthetic stocks require no maintenance except wiping clean and drying with a soft cloth or towel. Wooden stocks should only be stored at room temperature, because excessive heat can crack them. A wooden stock can be polished with oil and a soft cloth.


Do not leave the rifle in the cocked position, as this weakens the mainspring. Decock your airgun by firing in a safe direction. Always strictly respect all safety rules. Do not leave the rifle in a humid environment.


Do not attempt to disassemble your airgun. Take it or send it to an authorized service location.

Do not modify your airgun or handle it in a different manner than described in the Owner's Manual, as this could make your gun unsafe and will void the warranty.

Any modification may make the gun unsafe to use, and may cause serious injury or death.

Do not fire the airgun without a pellet in the chamber (dry fire) as this may permanently damage your airgun.

Service and Repairs

Ask your dealer for first assistance. The distributor in you country can provide you the list of the Stoeger Airguns partners.