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The entire line of Stoeger X Series air rifles displays the refined lines and modeling of European sporting arms, combined with the rugged, efficient design and quality manufacturing you expect from Stoeger Airguns.

  • Available in caliber 4,5 mm or 5,5 mm, for high velocity alloy or hard-hitting lead pellets
  • Powered by a fast, convenient, break-barrel
    spring-and-piston system
  • Ready to shoot with a single cocking stroke
  • No expensive CO2 cartridges or propellant cans needed
  • Propel pellets at blazing speeds
  • Suitable for a variety of shooting interests
  • Improved automatic safety
  • Precision, fiber-optic front and rear sights
  • Fully adjustable rear sights with knobs for elevation and windage
  • Green, fiber-optic rear sighting inserts for maximum visibility
  • Polymer hood to protect front sight
  • Red, fiber-optic front sighting insert for fast, accurate target acquisition
  • Range of stocks available in Monte Carlo- or straight-comb style
  • Stock finishes include quality hardwood, lightweight black synthetic, and Advantage Timber® HD™ camo
  • Some stocks feature checkered panels on grips and fore-ends
  • Non-slip, rubber butt-pads for comfort
  • Solid shoulder mounts
  • Scope combo packages available
Stoeger X3 Convenient ultra compact break-action, single shot calibre 4,5mm / .177, spring requiring less force to cock, double stage trigger. Like all Stoeger Airguns, the X3 incorporates an ambidextrous automatic safety, conveniently located at the rear of the receiver, thereby eliminating the need to place your finger near the trigger to operate the safety.
Stoeger X5 A great entry-level rifle, the X5 has style, performance and power. Available in a hardwood finish, this lightweight, single-stroke, spring-piston rifle blasts 4,5 mm alloy pellets at 245 meters per second. Add greater precision to your shooting with a factory-installed, 4x32 power riflescope on the X5 Combo.
Stoeger X10 This European-style air rifle offers state-of-the-art Space between performance and the power to propel 4,5 mm alloy pellets at 365 meters per second. Choose from hardwood or black synthetic finish. Add an extra level of performance with an X10 Combo model, with factory-installed 4x32 power riflescopes.
Stoeger X20 With the powerful, spring-piston break-action of the X20, you can propel 4,5 mm alloy pellets at 365 meters per second. Select hardwood, black synthetic, or genuine Advantage Timber® HD™ camo finish. Performance gets a boost with the X20 Combo models and their factory-mounted, 3-9x40 parallax adjustable riflescopes.
Stoeger ATAC Gas-Ram Technology (GRT),  full barrel and a tactical synthetic stock with integrated Picatinny rails attached to both sides of the forend and receiver. The ATAC relies on a simple, quiet Gas-Ram driven action that cocks with a break-open barrel. Gas-Ram Technology reduces vibration and eliminates the sound that comes from a traditional spring-driven airgun power plant. Accuracy is enhanced with this system through the elimination of vibrations and velocities are consistent because of exact and repeatable gas-pressure release.
Stoeger X50 The magnum choice for all your air rifle chores and challenges, the X50, in black synthetic or genuine Advantage Timber® HD™ camo finish, drives 4,5mm alloy pellets at a powerful 460 m/s. If precision is your aim, select one of the X50 Combo models with their factory-mounted, 3-9x40 parallax adjustable riflescopes.
Stoeger original accessories, a selection of best scopes, mounts, silencer, metal spinning targets, target trap, targets, pellets and cleaning ropes. Original durable cordura-nylon cases for easy transport and storage.
Reinforced to protect the barrel and side pocket for pellets+targets+cleaning rope.
Every shooter has specific requirements for his airgun when it comes to the ammunition. Our finely classified programme with a wide range of pellet shapes and weights will satisfy every need.Accuracy is a combination of several variables, the quality of the pellets is most important. Stoeger pellets are Made in Germany with high tech technology.