The DNA of a Stoeger AIRGUNS is extrapolated from some of the most elite pedigrees and performance collaborations in shooting. From its Italian precision to American strength, a Stoeger is truly one of the most refined and valued on the airgun market today. With a Stoeger, whether novice or expert, you’ll be performing with the best of them.
Born into a great family
Since 1924 in USA Stoeger has been linked to airguns. The first significant introduction of imported adult airguns was made by the Stoeger Arms Co. in a Catalogue prior to WWII. Stoeger AIRGUNS is a brand of the Beretta firearms manufacturing dynasty, launched on the global airgun market in 2008, a new niche for Beretta Group, in synergy with Italian Engineering and Design, special engineer in airguns, Beretta experience in the hunting, shooting and optic industry and own Beretta distribution forces. The story of Stoeger AIRGUNS began with a new vision. Vision that later became reality.

Fascinating style
Fascination is our design philosophy. The designers at Stoeger AIRGUNS are involved between the heritage of tradition and modernity to develop fascinating airguns. From the initial development concept to the production, Stoeger AIRGUNS reflects amazing harmony of the design concept, where is the result of design follows function emotion and intelligence. Each individual product interprets this design philosophy. Thereby each airgun shows a unique style, although recognizable as a Stoeger AIRGUNS.
Ingenious talent
Stoeger AIRGUNS innovation is the expression of dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Advanced approach for more power GAS RAM TECHNOLOGY, great efficiency and accuracy but also DUAL STAGE S2 SUPPRESSOR tecnhnology for ultra-quiet comfort. Strong power and accuracy for emotive, authentic shooting experiences.

Strict quality control procedures from the Italian firearm industry supervised by a high qualified team. Stoeger AIRGUNS brand is anchored in the shooting society. In all continents a community of hundreds of thousands customers appreciate their airgun unique character.

Stoeger Airguns is a Beretta Group brand.
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Pro Adaptive Checkering
Multi Grip System
S3 Suppressor