EOS 2024 look to the future!
XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout

Record numbers for the EOS 2024 edition!
Over 40,000 visitors make the EOS show 2024, a fair dedicated to hunting, shooting sports, and outdoor activities, a resounding success, an opportunity to get to know and experience Stoeger AIRGUNS products and discover the innovations of this new and exciting year.

Among the many visitors, both professional and beginners airgunners, there were also many women and children, proving that the world of airguns is engaging an increasingly diverse audience.

Meeting customer’s expectations is the main goal of Stoeger AIRGUNS. This also means designing dedicated models that, in terms of performance and features, are suitable even for those who are taking their first enthusiastic steps into this fantastic world of airgunners!

There are many innovations for the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand, which, with the passion and enthusiasm of the entire team, designs and creates cutting-edge products, the result of a path and a strategy that, in terms of numbers, always proves successful.

During the last day of Eos, Edoardo Alimenti, Head of Stoeger AIRGUNS, awarded Benelli Armi’s Italy sales division as the best distributor of 2023.

2023 was an important year for Stoeger AIRGUNS, with the RX3TAC and RX5TAC models being particularly appreciated for their harmonious shapes, ergonomics, and shooting precision.

2024 will be no different. Right on the stage of Eos, the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand has expanded its range with two new rifles from the famous and highly appreciated xm1 line, the XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT models.

Dedicated to small and medium game hunting and long-distance shooting, the new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT rifles guarantee the best performance for excellent ballistic results.

Stoeger AIRGUNS technicians have further refined the ergonomics of the new models to provide a more instinctive grip and shouldering, offering shooters maximum comfort in all shooting positions.

In the new XM1 RANGER and XM1SCOUT models, the flat and widened forearm and the free-floating barrel type significantly reduce vibrations, enhancing shooting precision and stability.

Long-range precision is an enviable feature of the new Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles. At the muzzle end of the barrel, there is a THREAD MUZZLE that further stabilizes the rifle, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as a silencer (where permitted by law) or compensator to reduce turbulence and maintain aim on target.

The tank, with a capacity of 300 cc (cubic centimeters) in the XM1 RANGER version and 200 cc in the XM1 SCOUT version, ensures long- shooting sessions.

The new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT rifles improve performance in terms of power output, with the XM1 RANGER model exceeding 70 Joules and the XM1 SCOUT reaching over 60 Joules.

The XM1 family, with its complete line, is particularly appreciated by airgunners, who eagerly welcome the brand’s innovations with curiosity and interest.

Every year, the range of Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles is enhance with new models that are increasingly innovative, cutting-edge, and technological, designed to meet the expectations of a growing audience.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns please contact our customer service department [email protected] we will always be here to help you!