Stoeger AIRGUNS is synonymous with Innovation and Italian Design. The Airguns are exclusive,
sensual, provocative and always unmistakably Italian. In fact, all our models are entirely idealized and designed in Italy. Stoeger AIRGUNS has always been the creator of dynamic and unrivalled rifles.


Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles are recreational air rifles to have fun, to enjoy the first experience of hunting and shooting. Enjoy the nature, feel good and take up a different air rifle. Our rifles are incomparable through their blend of Fascinating Design and Supreme Shooting Ergonomics.


Stoeger AIRGUNS has always in mind the design and implementation of something special that could convey new emotions to the shooters. The Stoeger AIRGUNS brand has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined design with multiple souls: Sporty, Elegant and Innovative.

Functional Ergonomics, User Interaction study, User Experience. The Air Rifles RX line translates technology in style.

A distinct style of Stoeger AIRGUNS coupled with traits of a sports rifle and hunting rifle. With its strong personality, pure design and absolute sportiness, the new XM1 is one of a kind.


The oldest company in the world: How does a company survive 500 years?

When Beretta was founded in the 16th century, there were no nation states, witches were burned and tomatoes were considered poisonous. 15 generations later, the Italian weapons manufacturer is still in business. Music sounds in the engraving workshops, a strange kind of music. A bright, metallic sound fills the room. With small hammers and chisels, the craftsmen decorate the side plates of the rifle stocks with artistic hunting scenes. One employee has a large photograph in front of her eyes. It shows a hunting dog with a duck in its mouth, a classic motif. A customer wants the image on...

Caccia Village 2024: record numbers

So much curiosity and interest for this 14th edition of Caccia Village 2024, one of the most important events of the sector in Italy. A perfect opportunity for hunters and outdoor lovers to discover and learn about all the most important innovations in the firearms market. Great interest and involvement...

Stoeger AIRGUNS compensator for the best performance

The Stoeger AIRGUNS brand air rifles, designed and made for shooters, are characterized by innovative and cutting-edge design, with a simple and functional mechanical system. Stable and balanced, Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles guarantee the best performance for precise and controlled shooting. However, to achieve maximum accuracy, airgunners are increasingly relying on...


Airguns are used for plinking, target shooting and competition, pest control, small game hunting. Stoeger AIRGUNS range of products covers all categories starting from the recreation shooting to the first experience of competition using the premium XM1 PCP.









Stoeger AIRGUNS mission is to offer innovative design, advanced ergonomics, fascinating models with excellent ballistic performance at the right price. Our vision is permanent innovation and development of new airgun lines motivating young people to approach the world of hunting and shooting in training by handling air guns and start to develop a proper shooting technique.


Innovation in design is the brand’s rooted pillar in our ability to understand consumer needs, tastes and aspirations.
Italian designers and engineers are constantly engaged to create new possible models where stylistic innovation is combined with functionality. Determined proportions, clear contours, precise lines and pure surfaces are characteristics of Stoeger AIRGUNS design.
Design is the focal point where vision, creative inspiration and technology converge. At every phase of the process, from design to industrialization, Stoeger AIRGUNS performs rigorously and tests the quality with precision.


Stoeger AIRGUNS is the Brand launched in 2008 by the prestigious industrial BERETTA Group on the international airgun market, a new niche for the company, using synergy of Italian Engineering and Design, Beretta Group experience in the hunting, shooting and optic industries, production plants and own Beretta distribution forces. A team of italian designers and engineers are permamently developing new products. Stoeger AIRGUNS is the exclusive BERETTA HOLDING Brand in the field of compressed air shooting.

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Gear up to boost your outdoor session with style and the added power you’ve been searching for.
The XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT will dominate the field with 70J  and 60J energy delivered in Cal. 6,35 mm/.25, for supremely accurate shooting at the farthest ranges.
Hit the link in bio to delve into all the top-notch features of these Design jewels.
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Try the efficiency and the reliability of the XM1 SCOUT and feel a real breakthrough with a piece of engineering 
designed to be ultra-reliable, pleasant to handle, and yet extra powerful.
The XM1 SCOUT box includes a Charging connector, 2 magazines, 3 side rails, MGS kit, instruction manual, and spare O-rings.
Go to the website for in-depth technical details - link in bio.
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Thanks to its compact dimensions and highly ergonomic design, XM1 Bullpup is made to follow smoothly your every move with lightness and agility, all while consistently delivering extra power.
Your ultimate solution for your sessions in the forest.
Get further insights by exploring our website - link in bio.
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Conquer the Outdoors with Unrivaled Power.
XM1 RANGER and SCOUT are crafted for supreme accuracy and power, giving you the edge you crave for every adventure. 
Whether you’re out in the bush or engaging in long-distance targets at the range, stay sure they will leave you thoroughly satisfied.
Go to the website and find the dedicated page, with all the insights about the prime features and the latest technologies of these two design gems. 
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Crafted with meticulous attention to ergonomic and anatomical functionality, the innovative contours of the XM1 Ranger synergize with its top performance parameters. 
From your challenging sessions in the outdoors to bullseye mastery at the range, this piece of engineering does it all in the finest possible way.
Check out our website to delve into all the technical innovations of the new XM1 Ranger - link in bio.
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Standing out with its optimal shooting comfort, excellent ergonomics, and enhanced stability. XM1 is your solution for varmint control, offering a combination of quiet operation and precision with powerful penetration.
Check out the technical sheets on the website - link in bio.
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