With its new Lines, Stoeger AIRGUNS creates the first compressed air rifles inspired by Urbino in Italy, a world heritage city, the cradle of Humanism. Stoeger AIRGUNS combines Urbino’s technical inspiration with the innovative vision of Milan’s designers whose experience in Industrial Design (ID) and User Experience (UX) is able to transform their technical inspirations into solid and attractive projects. Just thanks to this combination, Stoeger AIRGUNS creates a new method, based on 3 sound compact concepts: Functional Ergonomics, User Interaction Study, User Experience.


Stoeger AIRGUNS ProAdaptive Checkering is the first technical result of our new “Human Tech Design” philosophy. It is the most versatile, efficient and progressive checkering developed so far, one of a kind. It is the result of a project which let shooters expose themselves to a new experience, become one with the airgun and find a perfect feeling with it. The special checkering progression actively and comfortably “fits” the gun, no matter the environment shooters find themselves in.


Stoeger AIRGUNS offers a shooter the choice of the favourite grip and comfort thanks to the new Multi Grip System technology which, by means of an easy and intelligent system, let the rifle be customized. Finally, shooters can adapt the rifle to their own style. Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles are incomparable through their blend of: Fascinating Design, Supreme Shooting Ergonomics, Innovative Style, Technological Capability and Quality.


The RX line has been developed having in mind a new challenge: the design and implementation of something special that could convey new emotions to both the enthusiastic shooters and those who just want to have fun in the open air or at the shooting range. The RX represents the perfect match between technological style, technical efficiency and care for details. The elegant and ergonomic shapes makes the gun fit perfectly to the shooter. Stoeger AIRGUNS and its RX line translate technology in style.


XM1 ensures the best performance in every shooting situation, thanks to the ergo/anatomical studies performed by Italian Engineers (Human Tech Design) and the best weight-stability ratio of the rifle. XM1 has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined design with multiple souls: sporty, elegant and innovative. A distinct style of Stoeger AIRGUNS coupled with traits of a sports rifle and hunting rifle. XM1 provides to the shooter a uniquely emotional experience. With its strong personality, pure design and absolute sportiness, XM1 is one of a kind.


Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 PCP rifles high precision and best accuracy: every Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 PCP rifle is accuracy-tested to certify your rifle can perform the best accuracy in its category with a 5 shot group.
Ammunition used: Stoeger AIRGUNS X-Sport / Stoeger AIRGUNS X-Match;
Distance: 10 m; Power of the rifle: Full Power; N° of shots: 5.


Completely developed from scratch, it is the first suppressor in the world to have an interchangeable front sight and an air decompression chamber that further enhances the performance of the air regulation baffles, optimized to be more performing than the S2 version. The revolutionary design of the S3 Suppressor has made it possible to develop a longer barrel (35 mm), hence with a greater precision of shooting.

*EP3023729 *US10514224 *ZL201580063122.8


The latest Stoeger AIRGUNS design evolution of the integral silencer system. It combines the DUAL-EFFECT of the baffles and decompression chamber and now the additional compensator technology. The most advanced technology to reduce the noise better than ever. The best in its class.

*EP3023729 *US10514224 *ZL201580063122.8


The Italian design of the SPORT muzzle brake allow the rifle to be more accurate on target by reducing the turbulence behind the pellets, in order to meet the competition shooter needs.


The XM1 SPORT match trigger allows the shooter to find the best comfort trigger position in order to achieve the best target acquisition The trigger length (max. range of 20 mm), inclination and rotation are all adjustable. The trigger action is fully adjustable in terms of the hammer release lengths. Thanks to the numerous adjustments, the whole trigger action is fluid, soft, light and instantaneous.


The Free-Floating Barrel system represents a cutting-edge design in the world of air-shooting, particularly in precision shooting. This system redefines how an Airguns barrel is positioned and supported within the Airguns frame. The Free-Floating Barrel system allows the barrel to “float” independently within the Airguns frame. This means that the barrel is not in direct contact with the stock or frame. This innovative technical design has a profound impact on accuracy. This enhanced stability and consistency are fundamental to achieving pinpoint accuracy in air-shooting, where even slight variations in the barrel’s position or vibration can make a significant difference in where the shot lands.


The adjustable trigger feature is designed to provide shooters with the ability to customize their shooting experience to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and comfort. This feature allows the shooter to finely adjust the trigger’s pull weight, offering a range from 600 grams to 350 grams. By being able to modify the trigger’s pull weight, shooters can find the perfect balance that suits their individual preferences. In essence, this adjustable trigger system empowers shooters to fine-tune their rifle’s trigger to match their specific shooting style and requirements, whether that’s optimized precision or a more relaxed and comfortable shooting experience.


The hammer spring adjustment empowers shooters to fine-tune the hammer’s opening, enabling precise control over the rifle’s power output based on the type and shape of pellets used. Another important technological plus that makes Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles increasingly precise, reliable and versatile in every type of use, in hunting small and medium game, in precision sports shooting and in long-distance performance.