Stoeger Airguns is engaged to create the most extensive and extraordinary air-shooting experience ever. The new XM1 has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined design with multiple souls: sporty, elegant and innovative.

The all-new XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout explores a new frontier in shooting experience, designed to push the envelope, the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout will continue to perform when the others give up. XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout have an adventurous spirit that combines pure lines and a sporting essence that magisterially blend together in the latest masterpiece of the iconic XM1 Series.

Technology is the center of Stoeger AIRGUNS work, the brand of the prestigious Beretta Group, dedicated to air rifle, always looking for innovative solutions to meet the needs of hunters and shooters, ensuring superior performance.

With a focus on ergonomic functionality and an interactive approach, Stoeger AIRGUNS adopts a cutting-edge method that places user experience first.

The Stoeger AIRGUNS brand enthusiastically and determinedly commits itself to creating innovative rifles characterized by captivating and distinctive designs, reflecting the important concept of Made in Italy style.

Now, Stoeger AIRGUNS is ready to inaugurate a new chapter in its history, continuing to grow with the same passion that has distinguished it in recent years.

The constant quest for improvement has led Stoeger AIRGUNS to develop two new rifles, the XM1 RANGER and the XM1 SCOUT, expanding the range of the XM1 line, offering ideal solutions for small and medium game hunting, as well as long-range and precision shooting.

The COMFORT REAR PAD, made of non-slip and durable polymer, has been designed to provide the shooter with maximum comfort during both shooting and support, improving stability and target acquisition.

The ADJUSTABLE COMB, a product of innovative Multi Grip System (MGS) technology, is adjustable in 5 different positions, from 0 to +30mm, designed to adapt to the structure of each shooter and all types of aiming devices.

The LOP (Length of Pull) can be easily modified using two spacers without making changes to the stock.

You can adjust the distance between the buttstock and the trigger in three different configurations, from the standard 355 mm LOP to the medium 349 mm LOP, down to a minimum of 343 mm.

The stock has been designed following the principles of the XM1 line’s Human Tech Design philosophy, featuring ergonomic and comfortable geometry to offer the shooter maximum comfort in all shooting positions.

Ergonomics and modularity are indispensable elements in the development of the new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT.

The INTERCHANGEABLE PISTOL GRIP ensures a natural and comfortable grip on the rifle in two different sizes, one slimmer and one more substantial (XL). The THUMBHOLE STOCK stands out for its superb and impactful design, capable of giving the rifles an innovative and eye-catching look. The pistol grip provides a secure and comfortable hold for better aim and stability.

The PICATINNY RAIL, integrated into the rifle’s frame, has a compact and streamlined structure designed to ensure optimal alignment with the optics.

The FLAT-FOREND, flat and widened, ensures maximum stability, facilitating support on shooting rests or any other surface.

The presence of the AIR REGULATOR GAUGE allows you to monitor the proper pressurization of the regulator.

The steel barrel, 600 mm long in the XM1 RANGER and 460 mm in the XM1 SCOUT, in which the decompression chamber is integrated, is of the free-floating type.
Free to float to ensure maximum consistency and accuracy in shooting up to 100 meters away (in the full power version). The barrel’s muzzle is threaded with a ½”UNF pitch, covered by a protective ring to allow the mounting of accessories and/or muzzle devices such as silencers/sound moderators (where allowed by law), compensators, or flash hiders.

The AIR TANK, with a maximum capacity of 300 cc (cubic centimeters) and a recommended maximum charging pressure of 250 bar in the XM1 RANGER, and with a capacity of 200 cc and a pressure of 250 bar in the XM1 SCOUT, ensures significant autonomy before refilling is required, allowing for long and enjoyable shooting sessions.


The presence of an adjustable HAMMER SPRING allows you to regulate the hammer’s opening to adjust the power of the rifles based on the type and shape of pellets used.
The linear bolt action loading, STRAIGHT PULL SYSTEM, ensures fluidity, robustness, and speed in the cycling process.



Comfort rear pad
To provide the best comfort and stability to the shooter


Two spacers to adapt the LOP
To the shooter needs, LOP 355 mm max.
(med.= 349 mm, min.= 343 mm)


Adjustable comb
5 different position (from 0 to +30 mm) to find your best comfort and adapt the rifle to any kind of scopes and shooters


Improved ergonomics
The advanced stock design provide multiple grip and shooting position


Interchangeable pistol grip
Two different size of pistol grip to provide the best comfort and ergonomics to the shooters


Ultimate Thumbhole stock design
For a perfect ergonomics and comfort


Adjustable hammer spring
To provide the best power regulation according with the type of pellets used


Straight-pull loading system
To provide smooth and fast reload


Adjustable trigger pull
From 600 g to 350 g to achieve the maximum accuracy on target and the best comfort


Integrated picatinny rail
To provide solid and accurate scope mount


Hi-Capacity Magazine
12 rounds in 4,5 mm
10 rounds in 5,5 mm
9 rounds in 6,35 mm


Aluminum receiver
Lightweight and robust, with strong black matte anodized finishing


Decompression chamber and holes
To minimize the air turbolence at the muzzle


Air regulator gauge
To check the exact moment to refill the air tank


Barrel lengths
XM1 Ranger 600 mm
XM1 Scout 450 mm

Free floating and extra long barrel to provide maximum power and accuracy


Threaded muzzle
½” UNF thread to fit various muzzle devices


Three Picatinny rails
To give at the user the possibility to fit any kind of bipods and accessories


Flat style varmint forend
To provide max stability on bench rest


Air tank
XM1 Ranger 300 cc - 250 bar
XM1 Scout 200 cc - 250 bar

High air capacity to provide a longer shooting of session before refill


Air tank gauge
To accurate check the air tank pressure


Every Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout PCP rifle is accuracy-tested to prove your rifle can perform the best accuracy in its category with a 5 shot group.

the XM1 RANGER and the XM1 SCOUT offer ideal solutions for small and medium game hunting, as well as long-range and precision shooting

Small Game Hunting

Medium Game Hunting

Target Shooting


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2 Rotary magazines


Picatinny rails


Base Pistol grip
XL Pistol grip