Main Uses

Airguns are used for plinking, target shooting and competition, pest control, small game hunting. Stoeger AIRGUNS range of products covers all categories starting from the recreation shooting to the first experience of competition using the premium XM1 PCP.


Stoeger AIRGUNS offers the ultimate ergonomics, stability and accuracy. The full range of products is ideal for both training and first experience of competition shooting.


Models as the XM1, XM1 S4 Suppressor and the full family of RX20 are ideal for the varmint control, quiet and accurate with a strong penetration. The new RX20TAC is designed for varmint hunting, best shooting comfort, great ergonomics and stability.


Invite your friends to a plinking shooting party. Stoeger AIRGUNS models are designed to have fun, enjoy the nature, the outdoor life and feel good.


Stoeger AIRGUNS suitable calibers 4,5 mm/.177 and 5,5 mm/.22 are offering premium accuracy with full knockdow power for the very best impact and penetration.


The XM1 Bullpup design is particularly advantageous for a hunter who prefers to travel light during the outdoor days as well as have a compact weapon on hand for small game and medium game hunting. The XM1 Bullpup rifle are excellent for working in tight spaces like in barns or shooting hides and around the farm building.


Train your shooting ability and successively improve your shooting technique.

Benefits of air guns:

Adaptability and Versatility

The Airguns are available in a variety of calibers like the .177, .22, .25, etc., and sizes appropriate for all shooters of all ages and dimensions, and are quiet enough to shoot in a backyard or in a garage, etc. With the Airguns you are able to challenge your friends in plinking, join a local field target club for some competitive shooting, or to enjoy a day in nature for small game hunting, ratting, and pest control.

Great for Learning & Training

The Airguns are quiet and don’t have recoil, the air rifles or air pistols are excellent for introducing the young generation or amateur to the world of shooting and hunting. Master the basics of shooting or hunting with the Airguns and train your shooting technique in a basement or backyard, you can get a lot more practice in.


Teaching how to handle firearm safety with the Airguns like PCP or break barrel rifle is a great way to drill respect for guns into a new shooter or hunter. The next generation of hunters or shooters should start to develop the proper technique with the Airguns to learn to respect for the gun and become competent in how to use it.

Rat – Pest control

An air rifle is particularly fit for hunting rats. Rats breed all year long so farms can be quickly overrun. Whilst the farmer will have measures in place, usually, poison – an air rifle is perfect for the rat control campaign. A productive night’s shooting can yield 40 or 50 rats, often many more, so an Airguns shooter’s contribution can be major. Numbers of rats on farms tend to peak during the colder months of the year when natural food becomes scarce. Airguns are the best combination for fun and rat control and help to reduce the contamination on the farm.

Cheap to use

The ammo are usually very cheap and the rifles no need special maintenance.