RX Line: guaranteed fun

A beautiful, unspoiled, and vast nature. This is the perfect setting to enjoy an exhilarating day of shooting.
That’s right.
Target shooting is not just pure fun but a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature.
Nature rich in exciting details; landscapes with soft shapes, vibrant sunsets, the gentle crunch of freshly fallen leaves.
What could be more beautiful than sharing these emotions with the little ones?
Stoeger AIRGUNS has also thought about this.
The well-known brand of the Beretta Group, excellence in the world of airguns, offers a range of products, involving a wide audience, to provide rifles that meet the needs of aspiring young shooters.

The RX3TAC rifle is designed and made for the new generations of shooters.
Only 2.1 kg in weight for a rifle designed following careful ergonomic studies for comfortable and controlled shooting, in total safety. Ergonomics and modularity make this rifle precise and reliable.
Stoeger AIRGUNS is the first manufacturer to offer the possibility of adjusting the cheekpiece in three positions in such a small rifle model.
It is a practical and manageable rifle, a concentration of technical and technological solutions: the interchangeable cheekpieces allow the shooter to achieve maximum comfort for a stable and secure grip (an important element for the safety of children) and a perfect balance with the rifle.
The RX3TAC model is dedicated to younger shooters, women, and those who desire a versatile rifle with smaller dimensions.

User friendly and essential construction are the prerogatives of Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles.
The double-stage trigger structure is designed to allow the shooter to adjust (increase or decrease) the length of the second stage of the trigger pull simply by rotating the screw located under the trigger.
The automatic safety is an effective guarantee of the rifle’s safety.
Even the tactical version of the RX5 model promotes adaptation to the shooter thanks to the interchangeable pistol grip.
Both the RX3TAC and RX5TAC rifles are an excellent choice for power, comfort, and fun.
Stoeger AIRGUNS’ know-how is made up of technology and innovation.

The RX20TAC model (launched in 2021) represents the precursor of a highly technological production, perfect in terms of functionality and quality.
The multi-grip system and pro adaptive checkering are combining perfectly in this extremely comfortable rifle model.

The presence of a textured, grippy, and next generation, along with multiple grip points, offers the shooter a personalized and anatomical grip.

Available in two calibers: 4.5mm/.177 and 5.5mm/.22. Maximum power in 4.5 caliber is 22 Joules and in 5.5mm caliber is 23 Joules.

Scope mount: 11mm mount.

Modularity, ergonomics, and adaptability continue to be the key points of Stoeger AIRGUNS’ philosophy, where comfort, precision, and shooting speed are ambitious goals achieved, but always improvable.
It’s time to discover the RX line!

If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns please contact our customer service department [email protected] we will always be here to help you!