The best performances: XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout

XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT are the new models of Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles that define the new boundaries of the XM1 range: functional ergonomics, excellent performance, and high-level design.

Stoeger AIRGUNS is a brand that has grown and renewed over the years, understanding the real needs of hunters and shooters, beginners and veteran lovers of the outdoor world.

Because nature is made up of many details, the scents of the seasons, the colors of sunsets, and the lights of dawn, allowing hunters and shooters to fully experience these sensations is at the heart of every Stoeger AIRGUNS design.
That is why the research and development of the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand aims to create reliable and manageable rifles that combine the best technology with maximum comfort and performance.
Designed and made with the shooter in mind, the new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT rifles guarantee the best performance for small/medium game hunting and long-range shooting.

Versatile and powerful, precise and safe, the new additions to the Stoeger AIRGUNS family are completely reliable in every shooting condition, thanks to their flexibility and extreme maneuverability.
The key to the success of the XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT models lies in their perfect and harmonious mechanics.

Stoeger AIRGUNS technicians have further refined the ergonomics to provide an even more instinctive grip and shouldering, offering the shooter maximum comfort in all shooting positions.
In the new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT models, the flat and widened forend improves shooting stability, while the free-floating barrel significantly reduces vibrations and enhances long-distance accuracy.

Long-range precision is an enviable feature of the new Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles. At the muzzle end of the barrel, there is a threaded muzzle that, in addition to stabilizing the firearm, allows for the attachment of accessories such as a suppressor (where permitted by law) or compensator to reduce turbulence and maintain aim on the target.

The duration of shooting sessions is incredible. The tank, with a capacity of 300 cc in the XM1 RANGER version and 200 cc in the XM1 SCOUT version, ensures remarkable autonomy before needing to refill, allowing for long and enjoyable shooting sessions.
When you are immersed in nature and having fun with your friends, a Stoeger AIRGUNS rifle can make a difference and let you experience all the emotions that only a thrilling day in the great outdoors can offer you!

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