Where can I purchase Stoeger Airguns and accessories?
Ask your dealer for first assistance. The distributor in you country can provide you the list of the Stoeger Airguns partners.


What scope(s) are recommended for the Stoeger Airguns?
Any quality airgun scope can be used. We recommend the Stoeger “Blue Ring” line of quality scopes. They can be found at

How wide are the bases used on Stoeger Airgun rifles?
3/8 inch or 11 mm.


Can BBs be used in Stoeger Airgun rifles?
No. Stoeger Airgun rifles are designed to accept only quality factory pellets.

Can multiple pellets be loaded in Stoeger Airgun rifles?
No. NEVER try to insert multiple pellets in the barrel of any Stoeger Airgun rifle, as this can be dangerous and can cause malfunctions in your rifle.

Can pellets be placed in the barrel of my air rifle in any direction?
No. Pellets should be placed in your air rifle with the skirt towards the butt of the gun.

Can I use a pellet of a different caliber in my rifle?
No. NEVER use a pellet of a different caliber than the caliber of your rifle. Always use the caliber stamped on your rifle.

Can I reuse a pellet that was lodged in my rifle?
No. You must not use any pellet that was lodged in your rifle. All pellets should be used only once.

How do I make sure my rifle is completely empty?
To make sure your rifle is completely empty, use a cleaning rod to ensure no pellets are lodged in the barrel.


How often should the rifle barrel be cleaned?
The rifle should be cleaned as often as needed to maintain proper performance.

Can I use gun solvents and gun oils to clean my air rifle?
NO! The seals can be damaged by the solvents and even by many oils. Use only airgun-rated oils for the care of your air rifle.

Does the muzzle break suppress noise?
No. The muzzle break is not used for noise suppression. It acts as a lever and as a handle for cocking.


Is there recommend maintenance for the stock?
Yes. It is recommended that you pass a cleaning rod through the bore to make sure it is free of obstructions before loading or firing your airgun.

Do I have to pass a cleaning rod through the bore of my rifle before using it?
NO! The seals can be damaged by the solvents and even by many oils. Use only airgun-rated oils for the care of your air rifle.

Where should I oil a Stoeger Airguns rifle?
After every 1,000 shots, apply a drop of gun lubricant into the compression chamber.

Should I always clean my rifle before storing?
Yes. It is recommended to clean and lubricate the external metal parts to avoid corrosion.

Can I store my rifle in the cocked position?
You should NEVER store your airgun in the cocked position. It can be potentially dangerous and can weaken the mainspring. Airguns are not toys. After use and before putting the airgun away, always make absolutely sure there are no pellets in the chamber. Airguns should be stored in a manner that protects against unauthorized usage.

What do I do if I need to remove an obstacle that has lodged inside the barrel of my rifle?
First, make sure the safety is ON and barrel is pointing in a safe direction. NEVER attempt to clear stuck ammunition by firing an additional pellet through the gun. Break the barrel down the same as in loading, and insert a cleaning rod of the appropriate caliber for your rifle into the breech opening of the barrel. Push the rod through the barrel until the pellet is free. When you are finished, clean the barrel with a brush attachment of the cleaning rod to remove any lead particles that may be adhered to the rifling.