New XM1 Bullpup PCP Rifle world premiere

Welcome to the new Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 Bullpup PCP rifle – the revolutionary rifle for hunting and shooting. Stoeger AIRGUNS is the Beretta HOLDING brand specialized on the Airguns. The new XM1 Bullpup rifle is most powerful, accurate and compact model developed by the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand. With the new XM1 Bullpup rifle, Stoeger AIRGUNS is following the brand tradition of combining extreme design form with absolute excellence. The New XM1 Bullpup is the ultimate PCP rifle offering a whole new dimension of the brand experience. The XM1 Bullpup concentrates the essence of what we learned and developed over the past 5 years, with substantial improvement in all dimensions, design, ergonomics, power delivery, suppressor performance, and accuracy.