EOS 2023: RX3TAC RX5TAC models

The EOS edition 2023 ended fine, very fine!
Many visitors (More than 37,000 hunters, shooters and enthusiasts) contributed to make this edition even more beautiful and attractive, an opportunity for hunters and outdoor lovers to discover and touch the latest news and proposals from the world of guns, Airguns and outdoor.

Looking at the future that Stoeger AIRGUNS presents itself with a totally renewed image.
A new stand with a minimal and attractive design, clean lines and bright colors have contributed to make the Stoeger Airguns an exclusive and authentic place, an innovative Airguns boutique!

Great satisfaction of the whole Stoeger Airguns team for having generated so much interest and curiosity for the world of Airguns!
“After more than 6 years of working, Stoeger AIRGUNS shows a completely new image in terms of branding, products, and market position. All visitors, reps, and dealers have been strongly surprised of our rock-solid show presence with a clear image of innovative Airguns maker.
The only Airguns brand to show the range of products with this clear and innovative image, focus on the products presence, no frons. The brand continues with its re-launching in the worldwide market, we have many projects and ideas to develop and markets to discover.” commented Stoeger AIRGUNS Global Brand and Product Manager Edoardo Alimenti.

The year 2022 has been a record year for Stoeger Airguns, thanks mainly to the innovative XM1 series, a futuristic, high-performance, lightweight model that is particularly appreciated for its harmony of form, power output, and precision shooting.
The Bullpup version represents a well-balanced and ergonomic carbine destined for hunters and shooters who want to enjoy the shooting experience without sacrificing practicality, convenience, and maximum comfort.

On the EOS stage, the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand extends its range with the RX3TAC and RX5TAC models.
The new RX3TAC rifle was conceived and designed to  meet the needs of a young, indeed very young, audience who are making their first steps into the fantastic world of airguns.
The RX3TAC with a 14.5 in. / 370 mm barrel and a weight of 2.1 kg turns out to be the best compromise in terms of lightness and handling.
The double-stage trigger design is conceived so that the shooter can adjust (increase or decrease) the length of the second stage of travel by simply turning the bolt located under the trigger.
The automatic safety is an effective way to guarantee the safety of the rifle.
The interchangeable grips allow the shooter to achieve maximum comfort in terms of grip and stability while helping to achieve perfect balance with the airgun and obtain exceptional performance and maximum shooting accuracy.
Stoeger Airguns is the first airguns maker to offer in such a small carbine the ability to regulate the comb in 3 positions.

The best seller model 2022, is enhanced with the TACTICAL version, RX5TAC. Compact design and technology are combined in this rifle with a slim and attractive line, achieving a perfect weight-power balance.
The interchangeable pistol grip system is the best solution to adapt the grip of the rifle to each shooter’s grip and promote shooting precision from multiple positions.
Extremely strong, balanced and ergonomic, it is the ideal rifle for the whole family to enjoy in total safety.

The RX line represents the perfect combination of high technology and simple mechanics.
Thanks to this combination, the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand has created a line of rifles with exceptional performance.
Come discover the RX line on our website and choose the ideal rifle for your next shooting experience!

Stoeger AIRGUNS is ready to surprise you again with new products by going to complete its selection of products with more and more high-performance solutions.
Stay up to date and find out all the news for this crackling 2023!!!

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