FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: beautiful and innovative rifles in step with technology

Speaking about design and functionality, especially in reference to the world of guns and Airguns is not simple at all. Stoeger AIRGUNS shows us how form and aesthetics can be influenced to the perfect compromise between design and functionality.

The functional adjective associated with the word “design” may sound almost rhetorical and redundant, but it is necessary to move away from the general and common idea of design understood as exclusively a synonym of beauty. Most of all, Firearms & Airguns can and should be beautiful and original but also comfortable and practical.

A rifle must be easy to grip, comfortable and compatible with the shooter’s requirements, therefore, the perfect synthesis of ergonomics and form is the result of a long design process which has the experience and in-depth study of professionals, designers, and engineers at its core, from the very beginning of conception to the realization and production of the gun.

The design logic of Stoeger AIRGUNS follows this path; In each model, the inimitable made-in-Italy style is perfectly matched with the innovation and taste of Stoeger AIRGUNS designers.

With INNOVATION AND RESEARCH, Stoeger AIRGUNS creates the rifles of the future!

Engineering, technology, and design are perfectly combined in the XM1 rifles family, thanks to this focus on the development of an ahead design, Stoeger AIRGUNS won the prestigious Red Dot award in 2019 with the rifles XM1 S4 Suppressor. Respect to the competitors, the Stoeger AIRGUNS PCP rifles are immediately differing in style and functionality and is appreciated for its bold and eye-catching design.

Another example master peace of design is the second PCP rifles named XM1 Bullpup that Stoeger AIRGUNS introduces in 2022. The XM1 Bullpup is a user-friendly rifle, perfect for any type of hunting, from small to medium game and precision shooting at long distances.

The Bullpup project was a new-real challenge for the designer team of Stoeger AIRGUNS, maintain the XM1 family feeling on a bullpup mechanical part was the mission and after many months of working, testing and concepts, they finally found the perfect shape to use.

The new XM1 Bullpup maintain a long barrel length but reducing the total length of the rifle, this feature reduces its weight and improves grip as the center of gravity of the rifle is located at the back closer to the shooter’s body, maintaining excellent ballistic performance.

Stoeger AIRGUNS pays special attention to the needs of its shooters and tries to meet them in the best way possible, how?

Stoeger AIRGUNS technology is combined with customization through the innovative MULTI GRIP SYSTEM. Shooters can adjust the length of the stock through two spacers and find their own feel by choosing from two different grip combinations, standard (blue) or size XL (black).

In addition, they can further improve comfort by choosing between a basic or raised cheek pad.

The innovative system and extreme ergonomics provide the shooter with stability without compromising the maneuverability of the gun thanks to the comfort back padding to reduce vibration and achieve greater second target accuracy (PRO ADACTIVE CHECKERING).

Versatile, fast and extremely comfortable this rifle offers outstanding performance.

The XM1 Bullpup includes:

  • Adapter for two rotary magazines
  • Ergonomic front grip
  • Picatinny right side/ Picatinny left side
  • Base cheek pad, raised cheek pad
  • Blue pistol grip base
  • XL black pistol grip base

Stoeger AIRGUNS recommends using powerful and destructive pellets, perfect is our proposal of X-HOLLOW in .22 and .25 calibers.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns please contact our customer service department [email protected] we will always be here to help you!