Rifles rails: practical tips

Precision and stability, in “DYNAMIC OR STATIC” shooting and in support, are key words at Stoeger AIRGUNS. Both contribute to achieving the best ballistic performance, especially in medium and long-distance shooting.
For a precise and controlled shooting optics are valid allies. These, when mounted on suitable guides, guarantee extreme precision. Picatinny and Weaver rails are the two main models of guides used to attach accessories to air rifles and common firearms.
The Picatinny rail has a regular geometry, with the presence of transverse ridges, equidistant 10 mm apart, for a precise and correct positioning of accessories.

The slots of the Picatinny rail have a slightly squarer shape with grooves running almost their entire length, offering numerous anchoring points for a perfect alignment with the barrel.
Weaver rails, on the other hand, have a less uniform structure, with a specific width of the transverse grooves (or slots) of 0.180 inches (4.57 mm), and a width of the part between the two different slots, undefined, variable in different models.
Therefore, it is certainly possible to mount a Weaver mount on a Picatinny rail, as its regular geometry ensures a perfect and efficient mounting, while in the opposite case a Picatinny mount may not be compatible with a Weaver rail, due to its irregular structure.
The extreme modularity contributes to making Picatinny rails the best solution for obtaining maximum customization of one’s rifle, for mounting accessories such as optics, for the best ballistic performance. All this benefits the reliability and flexibility of one’s firearm, to adapt to the needs of shooters and achieve excellent results.

Stoeger AIRGUNS prefers the use of Picatinny rails, chosen for their versatility, to allow the shooter to obtain different mounting configurations according to their needs and shooting comfort.