Stoeger AIRGUNS presents its ambassador Giulia Taboga

Stoeger AIRGUNS is proud and excited to welcome Giulia Taboga as a brand ambassador, to start a collaboration with one of the most famous faces in the international outdoor world.

Giulia, already an official brand ambassador for FRANCHI, will represent the well-known brand of the Beretta Group, Stoeger AIRGUNS, one of the leading players in the world of airguns, in Italy and worldwide.

Giulia is among the most well-known and passionate hunters of her generation. Her almost contagious passion has impressed the Stoeger AIRGUNS team, whose extremely precise and high-performing rifles are appreciated by an increasingly large audience of airgunners, including women.

With her experience, preparation, and professionalism, Giulia will be essential in accompanying the brand on a path of international growth, designing and creating products that are increasingly innovative and cutting-edge.

The Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles will accompany Giulia on her adventures. We will share emotions, sensations, and tips to become true airgunners and make our shooting experiences truly unforgettable!

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