Suppressor S4 Patented

Applied to the XM1 rifle model, the Stoeger AIRGUNS S4 suppressor is one of the technological innovations that contribute the most to making the ballistic performance of shooters and hunters precise and high performing.

The S4 suppressor is an innovation in the world of airguns, highly appreciated for its ability to significantly reduce the sound emitted when firing.

Considere the details and discover the characteristics that make this accessory unique and cutting-edge. The S4 brand already denotes a progression compared to the standard category, making it a one-of-a-kind silencer capable of ensuring controlled and precise shooting with any type of ammunition, while minimizing annoying turbulence for maximum accuracy.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art tools, technicians and designers have created a unique and brilliant device, entirely made in Italy, simple in mechanics but effective and flawless in operation.

A renewed and refined design characterizes this latest model of suppressor. From a structural point of view, the geometry has been revised to reduce sound, offering an unprecedented shooting comfort. The presence of an air decompression chamber significantly improves the performance of the air regulation deflectors, making them more efficient. These innovations are combined with a modern design, both in the lines and structure. The outer part has an over and under shape, while the interior is composed of an integrated baffle system with a distinct personality, typical of Stoeger AIRGUNS’ design.

Thanks to the innovative latest-generation design, Stoeger AIRGUNS has managed to introduce the first suppressor model equipped with a front side, for use without scopes.

The S4 suppressor, in addition to being recognized as a patented state-of-the-art silencer, is remembered for making the XM1 rifle model unique and appreciated, to the point of winning the prestigious Red Dot award 2020.

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