The Break Barrel and PCP air rifles

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The Break Barrel and PCP air rifles

There are different types of Airguns, each of one is different in ergonomics, performance, accuracy, style and functionality.
The Stoeger AIRGUNS a brand of the prestigious Beretta Group, offers a different type of air rifles and pistols.
The most common and used rifles are the “Break Barrel” rifles.
Simple and reliable, these air rifles are extremely accurate and fun.

The “break barrel” naming refers to the way the rifle is loaded; they work by loading a spring that compresses a cylinder, that shots the pellet by compressing the air.  The gun’s pellet runs through the barrel at high speed and then goes to the target.
Simple but functional, they offer good performance, excellent precision and lot of fun!
Certainly, in terms of energy, compressing and releasing a spring to fire a pellet flying down a barrel makes for a quick and accurate shot.

However, many shooters find that more skill and practice is required to shoot this type of Airguns as the compression of the air causes the rifle to move before the pellet even leaves the barrel. Break barrel rifles are certainly more resistant but heavier and noisier when firing.
The Stoeger AIRGUNS brand offers a wide range of  “break barrel” rifles called RX.
The RX line includes the entire market range of spring and gas ram rifles, from the smallest with the RX3TAC models, to the RX20 and RX20TAC models for more expert and demanding shooters and hunters.
The RX40 air rifles are extremely attractive and comfortable for lovers of the under-lever.

At the same time, the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand also offers a PCP line, the famous XM1.
This carbine, introduced in 2019, revolutionized the PCP gun market.
PCP guns are a more complex alternative to Break Barrel Airguns.
PCP air rifles are powered by a tank filled with compressed air which is pushed to high pressure (up to 300bar) and then releases only a part of it at the time of firing.

Therefore, the tank of the rifle remains large so that the rifle will be ready to be used again. With the XM1 models, it is possible to fire up to 80 rounds with a filled tank, maintaining the same power and accuracy.
In addition, the fixed barrel structure and non-existent recoil make the XM1 range extremely accurate and easy to handle.

PCP gun-lovers usually equip themselves with a dive bomb or electric compressors to recharge the air tank more easily. A cheaper solution is the hand pump.

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