Main Uses VOL 1 – Varmint control: an always wider horizon

There are fixed points in the protection of our ecosystem. Varmint control is one of them.
So-called pests play an important role in damaging our environment, and their containment can greatly improve the health of our biosystem.
Hunting pests is a widespread practice overseas, probably due to the presence of numerous species such as nutrias, mice, and badgers, which are particularly insidious and difficult to eradicate.
The translation of varmint is, in fact, literally “harmful animal,” indicating all those wild animals that, with their presence, can cause significant damage to the environment and human activities.

Hunting pests is precisely aimed at countering their excessive impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, an excellent ally is definitely a air rifle. Stoeger AIRGUNS offers a wide range dedicated to this.

The Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 standard rifle model, ergonomic and versatile, is capable of combining great precision, even at long distances, with excellent use on the hunting field. The distinctive and ergonomic design of the XM1 Bullpup, combined with the best technologies, make this rifle model the best choice for moving with speed and agility.
Designed and developed following the principles of Human Tech Design, the XM1 features ergonomic lines that adapt well to the shooting needs of every hunter, allowing them to have a firm and comfortable grip to fully experience the hunting experience.
The XM1 rifle line is available in calibers 4.5mm/.177, 5.5mm/.22, and 6.35mm/.25, and the most suitable caliber for this type of activity is definitely the .22 caliber.

Another suitable choice for varminting is undoubtedly the RX20TAC rifle. Maneuverable and balanced, it is designed to provide a firm and natural grip in every shooting condition. A faithful companion to every hunter or airgunner who passionately and dedicatedly strives to preserve the balance of the environment and nature from the actions of pests and wild animals that continuously cause damage to the entire system.
The RX20TAC model represents the pioneer of cutting-edge production, with distinct lines, perfect for ergonomics and functionality. The innovative solutions of the Multi Grip System and the Pro Adaptive Checkering blend perfectly in this highly performant and comfortable rifle model.
The presence of a textured, grippy, and state-of-the-art surface, along with multiple grip points, offers the shooter a personalized and anatomical grip. The RX20TAC version is available in two calibers: 4.5mm/.177 and 5.5mm/.22. Maximum power in .177 caliber is 22 Joules and in .22 caliber is 23 Joules, with an 11mm scope mount.

Just like in selective hunting, varmint control is one of the best tools for preserving biodiversity and protecting the ecosystem, for environmental sustainability aimed at species conservation.

So what are you waiting for?
Have fun with Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles!