Looking for the best pellet for your airgun?

The STOEGER AIRGUNS blog is here to help you choose the best performing pellets for your shot!
Whether hunting or fun, the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand has the right pellets to improve your shooting experience!
There are different kind of pellets that differ in caliber, weight, shape and material.

Generally made of lead and alloy, these pellets also called diablo, have a shape very similar to a sparkling wine stopper. This characteristic suggests a first macro-classification just based on the shape of their end (head).


Slightly beveled at the edge, these pellets are extremely accurate, ideal for target shooting over short distances and competitions.
These fast and lightweight pellets offer good air resistance, and their performance gives excellent target shot accuracy up to 20m.
Perfect for short-range shooting and Olympic competitions.

Stoeger AIRGUNS offers the models:

PRACTICE TARGET, ideal for training, fun and everyday use. They include:
• X-SPORT, available in 4.5 mm/.177 and 5.5 mm/.22 calibers.

SUPER ACCURATE, ideal for training and competitions at short range (10mt). They include:
• X-MATCH, available in calibers 4.5 mm/.177 and 5.5 mm/.22.


Slightly rounded in shape, these pellets are perfect for long distances.
The aerodynamic shape allows this type of pellet to hold kinetic energy longer so that it is very precise even in particularly windy conditions.
They are the best choice for long range shots.

Stoeger AIRGUNS offers the model:

MAX PENETRATION, copper-coated, ideal for high-impact, long-distance shots and high penetration. They include:
• X-POWER, available in calibers 4.5 mm/.177 ( 0.69gr) and 5.5mm/.22 (1.36 gr). They are stronger than the standard pellet, ideal for carabines with power above 7 J.
• X-HOLLOW, available in 4.5 mm/.177 (0.89) and 5.5 mm/.22 ( 1.18 gr) calibers. They are heavy, accurate and aerodynamically designed, ideal for long range shooting and hunting. Recommended for carbines with power above 7.5 J.


The pointed shot is another alternative for reaching greater distances.
The pointed head shape offers maximum penetration, although they are not as powerful as domed pellets but the aerodynamic design maintains their velocity and reduces bounce.
They are the best choice for hunting.

Stoeger AIRGUNS offers the models:

MAX SHOCK, accurate and heavy, rifled, ideal for medium distances. They include:
• X-MAGNUM, available in 4.5mm/.177 (0.75gr) and 5.5mm/.22 (1.11gr) calibers. They are heavy, provide excellent range and maximum penetration, ideal for carbines with power above 7.5 J.
• X-HUNT, available in calibers 4.5 mm/.177 (0.56gr) and 5.5 mm/.22 (1.02gr). They are particularly high performance, making for taut and accurate shots with maximum penetration, ideal for air rifles with power above 7.5 J.

Here, you will find our complete line of airguns pellets in different models, calibers and shapes.
Choose the best solution for your shooting!!!

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