How to load the magazine: useful tips

Some tips and advice for properly loading the pellets into the drum magazine and thus achieving a consistently functional and correct rifle feed.
To begin, turn the transparent slide counterclockwise to load the internal spring. This simple action prepares the magazine for subsequent use.
Continue feeding the rifle by holding the slide steady with one hand to avoid any movements during the loading operation.
With the other hand, insert the first pellet with the tip facing upwards from the opposite side of the slide. (the tip of the pellet should be visible from the slide).

After inserting the first pellet, continue to insert the remaining ones. To do this, flip the magazine so that the transparent part is facing downwards.
At this point, you can continue to correctly insert the remaining pellets into the magazine by rotating the transparent part each time.

Throughout the entire loading operation, it is very important to ensure that all the pellets are placed correctly to achieve a safe and efficient shooting experience.
The magazine body is made of lightweight alloy, not plastic, for greater quality and robustness of the chosen material.
Extremely lightweight and easy to handle, it is made of aluminum, while the rear part is made of glass, allowing you to check the number of available shots.
The extreme ease of loading and use makes the entire rifle feeding operation simple and intuitive, accessible to both experienced and novice shooters.


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