Main Uses VOL 2 – Predator control and small medium game: Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles

Listening to the sounds of the nature, smelling the scents of spring all around, eagerly awaiting the next adventure… all of this element makes a hunter’s days adrenaline-filled and super fun!!

Accumulating experiences that then become memories to share, perhaps over a good glass of wine, is something truly special aspect of nature’s essence, with its myriad surprises.

Hunting small and medium game is a very common practice, carried out individually, in your farm,it requires quick steps, good breath, and a lot of agility.

A lightweight and compact air rifle from the Stoeger AIRGUNS line is the best choice for the hunter who wants to move with ease in confined spaces such as barns and around the farm, without sacrificing comfort and top-level performance.

Choosing a lightweight and manageable rifle is very important to move through vegetation and tackle long distances without getting tired. The PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) XM1 BULLPUP model, with a length of only 700 millimeters (with a conventional barrel length), is the ideal solution for a funny day of hunting!

The BULLPUP configuration allows for a compact and well-balanced rifle, where the rifle’s center of gravity  coincides with the pistol grip, for instinctive shouldering and absolute comfort. Stoeger AIRGUNS technologies such as the Multi Grip System (MGS) and Pro Adaptive  Checkering make the XM1 BULLPUP rifle extremely ergonomic.
Featuring multi grip points with cutting-edge  textured surface allows for a firm and adherent grip, for a quick and instinctive shouldering in any shooting situation.

Extremely precise, even at long distances, the new models from Stoeger AIRGUNS, XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT, guarantee excellent performance for hunting small and medium game.

The redesigned flat and widened forend improve shooting stability and the free-floating barrel significantly reduces vibrations on the shoulder, for controlled and precise shooting.

Precision in shooting is a guarantee with Stoeger AIRGUNS. The new XM1 RANGER and XM1 SCOUT rifles feature a THREAD MUZZLE at the muzzle end, which further stabilizes the rifle and allows for the mounting of accessories such as a silencer (where legally permissible) or compensator to reduce turbulence and maintain target aim.

The days are long and sunny, and the warm, shining March sun beckoning, now is the perfect time to have fun outdoors, in total safety, with Stoeger AIRGUNS rifles!

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