Stoeger AIRGUNS Shooting Game: what a fun day!

In the beautiful hills of Vergato, in the province of Bologna, the third edition of the Stoeger AIRGUNS shooting game took place at the Alto Reno shooting range, in collaboration with Caccia Passione.
The event was a perfect blend of outdoor passion and fun, creating an unforgettable day with a hint of autumn in the air.
The collaboration between Stoeger AIRGUNS and Caccia Passione was exceptional, as they worked enthusiastically to organize every detail of this exciting day.
A total of 45 participants from various regions of northern and central Italy were warmly welcomed with a delicious breakfast upon their arrival.
Each candidate who registered for the race received a generous welcome bag from the Stoeger AIRGUNS staff, which included a hat, catalogue, torch, and protective glasses, prioritizing safety.
The competitors had the opportunity to personally handle the rifles from the Stoeger AIRGUNS line and enjoy shooting sessions with all the models available.

The morning began with a brief introduction to the world of the rifles and a detailed explanation of the rifles used in the competition, setting the stage for a fun-filled sporting experience.
With the support of the staff, the competitors were able to improve their skills on various routes through the woods and shooting lines at different distances, reaching up to 60 meters. The technicians from the Stoeger AIRGUNS team provided valuable suggestions and practical advice, resulting in incredible and noteworthy achievements for the participants, all while ensuring their safety.
The extreme attention to detail and the innovative design of these rifles have left even the most demanding and uncompromising public of passionate hunters and shooters speechless.

The Stoeger AIRGUNS brand, part of the Beretta Group, has dedicated itself for years to the study and design of products capable of standing out for quality and innovation.
What made the day even more exciting was the classic competition in the format designed by Stoeger AIRGUNS.
The challenge was divided as follows:
• Precision shooting at a distance of 15 meters with the XM1 SPORT rifle in cal. 4.5mm free sale
• Challenge the running boar at a distance of 45 meters with a moving target with the XM1 Bullpup in cal. 6.35mm Full power power output of 54Joules.

At the end of the race all the participants had a delicious lunch and in front of a barbecue they shared stories and emotions. A wonderful lunch that strengthened the sense of sharing and community among the passionate hunters and shooters present at the competition.
After lunch a few more shots, so as not to lose your hand!
The day ended with the proclamation of those who stood out for the best results.
The podium saw two talented girls triumph in second and third place, MARTINA CERAMI (score of 48**) and VALERIA CERTAN (score of 48 *), proof of how these sporting activities are fun for an ever-wider audience of enthusiasts and heterogeneous.
For the winner FLAVIO VERONESI (score of 49*), a fantastic prize: an RX5 rifle honored by the Stoeger AIRGUNS brand

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